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Quality Wooden Toys
Please feel free to browse through our wide range of quality, ethically sourced wooden toys through the buttons above.

All items can be purchased directly through this website and we would be delighted to speak to you personally and offer our experience to help guide you as required

Quality Fuels

Are you aware that there are huge differences in the quality of fuels sold at different fuel stations?  A brief “Google” for ethanol and you will uncover a raft of issues with fuel quality.  Cheaper fuels may seem fine in the short term on your wallet, as you can’t really see what’s happening inside the engine, but just as with human and animal food affecting performance, cheap fuels can affect the performance of your vehicle.
Many engine manufacturers even prohibit the use of cheaper fuels and this can invalidate warranties. 


Investing in our community

We have recently stretched ourselves and made a significant investment, improving our facilities with new pumps, environmental protection, safety and security systems and additional complimentary services including our competitively priced car wash and valet facilities

With the help of your custom, we will continue to invest in facilities and services for your benefit

Independent of superstores & major fuel brands

As an independent retailer, we struggle to compete with the supermarkets and branded suppliers as they can subsidies and sell fuel cheaper than we can buy it!

As we only sell quality fuels to an important rural community, we rely on your discretion to keep us trading and promise to keep our prices competitively to a minimum (average 1p per liter margin!) so we can continue to provide a vital rural service in a dwindling independent market

Please feel free to browse through our site & link us with your Facebook account to keep up with the latest news and do feel free to give us your feedback to help us improve

We value your discretion and welcome your choice to buy local and support this independent local business, serving the local community and travelers alike



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